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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some important questions you may have when living in a homeowners or condo unit owners association: 


What do my dues cover?

Most often your dues cover landscaping, snow removal, trash removal and your share of the Master Insurance Policy. Sometimes, in single family HOA’s they do not cover trash removal and most times the City/County maintains the streets for snow removal. Occasionally, some utilities may be included in your dues. 



Do I have to pay dues if I am unhappy with my Board or association issues?


Absolutely. No one is exempt from paying their dues. Even if you own a rental property and it is not occupied, you are still responsible for paying your assessments on time. If your delinquency is not rectified, the worst case scenario is that the association may start foreclosure proceedings on your home.


What matters can I call the Management Company about? 


-A Fire or Flood in your unit or another’s unit (these are emergency situations)


-Concerns or complaints regarding the common areas of the association


-The status of your account


-Violations seen on common areas or neighbor’s property (i.e., seeing excessive amounts of trash, uncovered trash      containers, landscaping matters, abandoned or vehicles in disrepair, rodent activity, etc) 


If there is a Master Policy, do I need to insure my unit?


All homeowners are highly encouraged to obtain insurance for their units. The Master Policy only covers, most time, the rebuilding of your unit if it should be destroyed by fire, Liability coverage for the common areas, etc. You need to insure the contents of your unit and insure any upgrades or betterments to your unit. Please call your insurance agent to make sure you are adequately covered. 


Do I need permission to make exterior changes to my unit?

Yes. A Modification Form (available from the Management Company or your governing documents package) needs to be completed and forwarded to Management so that they may present it to the Board for Approval/Denial. The Management Company will inform you of the Board's decision. 


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